Why learn from Gordon Tredgold?

  • Business and leadership in general are fast changing worlds. But too often policies, procedures, and bureaucracy can slow necessary changes to a crawl, and negatively affect a company's bottom line.
  • Gordon' revolutionary FAST approach to leadership simplifies exactly what is needed in order for you to be successful.
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What others are saying about Gordon Tredgold

His FAST method can make a huge improvement to every leader and business.

S. Foster

Gordon taught me how to achieve the best results one can achieve. His Innovative leadership drove outstanding results and motivated me to know always think outside the box to find THE Solution.

J. Katzemich

Gordon's FAST approach to leadership helped me to make a massive mindset shift from employee to founder. His patient encouragement, quick insight and deep level of leadership experience has set me up for rapid success I couldn't have achieved on my own.


Great person who has the foundation of true leadership. Enjoyed learning the FAST method and applying the knowledge in my work.

A. Kriukas

Simply brilliant! I have listened to Gordon's presentation of the FAST framework and the combination of content and style is remarkable.

D. Dargenio